Chris Mortensen Illness and Health Update: ESPN’s Award-Winning Journalist’s Battle with Throat Cancer

Chris Mortensen Illness and Health Update: Discover the inspiring story of Chris Mortensen, the renowned American journalist who recently passed away after a brave battle with stage IV throat cancer. This article provides an update on his illness and health in 2024, highlighting his resilience and dedication to his craft despite his diagnosis. Explore the life and legacy of ESPN’s award-winning journalist.

Chris Mortensen’s Illness and Health in 2024

Chris Mortensen, a beloved American journalist, faced a challenging battle with illness that deeply impacted his life and career. In this article, we will delve into the updates regarding Chris Mortensen’s illness and his overall health in the year 2024.

The Diagnosis

In a shocking turn of events, on January 15, 2016, it was revealed that Chris Mortensen had been diagnosed with stage IV throat cancer. This news left his fans and colleagues in disbelief, as they had admired his talent and dedication to the sports industry for years. Despite the devastating diagnosis, Mortensen made a remarkable decision to continue contributing to the field and providing invaluable insights to football enthusiasts worldwide.

A Leave of Absence

In 2013, recognizing the importance of prioritizing his health and family, Chris Mortensen took a courageous step and went on a leave of absence from ESPN. This decision demonstrated his unwavering commitment to his well-being and his loved ones. During this time, Mortensen focused on seeking treatment and finding strength in the support of his family and friends.

The Battle

The battle against throat cancer was an arduous journey for Chris Mortensen. From the moment of his diagnosis in 2016, he faced countless challenges and endured rigorous treatments to combat the disease. For eight long years, Mortensen fought with unwavering determination and resilience. However, on March 3, 2024, at the age of 72, he sadly succumbed to the illness. During his final moments, he was surrounded by his loved ones, who provided comfort and support.

Chris Mortensen’s fight against throat cancer serves as a powerful reminder of the strength of the human spirit and the courage required to face a life-threatening illness. Throughout his battle, he became an inspiration to many, demonstrating remarkable bravery and finding hope in the face of adversity.

No Other Health Issues

Contrary to baseless speculations, it is important to clarify that Chris Mortensen’s health struggles were solely related to his battle against throat cancer. There is no evidence to suggest that he had any other health problems or illnesses. His diagnosis in 2016 completely reshaped his life, as he underwent intense chemotherapy sessions that took a toll on his overall well-being. Despite the immense challenges he faced, Mortensen continued to work in the industry, demonstrating exceptional dedication and receiving immense praise for his bravery.


Q: Did Chris Mortensen have any other health problems?

A: No, Chris Mortensen was solely dealing with his battle against throat cancer. He did not have any other health problems or illnesses.

Q: How long did Chris Mortensen fight against cancer?

A: Chris Mortensen fought against throat cancer for eight years, starting from his diagnosis in 2016. Throughout this time, he displayed incredible strength and resilience in his fight against the disease.

Q: What contributions did Chris Mortensen make to the sports industry?

A: Chris Mortensen made significant contributions to the sports industry throughout his career. He provided reports and insights for ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown, Monday Night Countdown, Sportscenter,, and ESPN radio. His expertise and deep understanding of the game greatly enriched the experience of football enthusiasts worldwide.

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